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Janice Elliott
for Upland city council,
November 8, 2016

Endorse Elliott for Upland City Council !

From the parent of a former student the year after they moved to Minnesota from Rancho Cucamonga.  " One of the things that has impressed us both so much is how you could work with Paul with no understanding of his [undiagnosed] disorder. You have a wonderful ability to work with your students!  Paul did not forget this...he continually reminded his teacher in Minnesota how much he missed you and how much he enjoyed your class!  He learned a lot! ...The other thing that his teacher in Minnesota could not believe is that you didn't have any other teachers' support [in class] your teaching... and that you never had a substitute the first half of the year." 

Another note from a parent:  "I want to take this time to thank you so very much for all your guidance, support, and patience this year with Andrew.  We are so very proud of him because he has done so well and I know we owe it all to you.  You are truly a wonderful teacher."

From Steve Yoss, Parner at Coyle & Yoss, an accountancy corporation where Janice worked as a tax consultant:  "You have had a profound effect on my life for which I thank you.  Take good care of yourself.  You are welcome here always, and I look forward to our continued association.  God bless you, Steve."

From Kathy Sommer, principal at Caryn Elementary School in Rancho Cucamonga where Janice taught for seven years.:  Janice has always been a hard working, conscientious and effective teacher.  She is extremely organized...She has been very accommodating when asked to do extra assignments...She has dealt well with GATE students as well as RSP students.  Janice's classroom management style is fair and consistent.  She has had several students with special needs and has always been able to find and nurture those needs.  She gets along well with parents, students and peers.  Janice is a great teacher..."

From Denese Lautenslager, a former teaching colleague:  "...Janice is a great team player.  She has very good rapport with students, parents, and staff members as well.  Through the years, I have seen Janice develop great working relationship with all she comes into contact with.  She is very personable, helpful and creative...Janice also has a charming personality and a very positive attitude in everything she does..."

From Meg Bowman, a former teaching colleague:  "...She [Janice] is diligent, enthusiastic, energetic, kind, caring, talented, and fun loving.  She contributes much to our school community.

Janice has shown that she effectively teaches children from various backgrounds and needs...I really appreciated Janice's positive attitude.  Her caring, friendly attitude and good problem resolution skills enable her to get along well with peers, students, and parents.  The stories from her travels, her delightful sense of humor, good listening skills, and interesting hobbies make her an esteemed friend and a memorable teacher. It is fun to work with Janice and I hate to lose her as a colleague but I would highly recommend her for any position that she might seek."